Divakar's Songs

           Everyday we are born

         G              D            C           G
Everyday we are born again, we are one

         am           em         D                             D
One breath, one heartbeat, waves in the ocean

With Narayani and small choir

More of my songs you find under Songlist and Songbooks. I will try to bring up more of them, also words and chords.

Enjoy them, sing them and if you feel grateful, send me something : an email, one of your songs or whatever you have created. Even money will be appreciated. I have to work out a way how to manage that though ...

This is probably the best known of all my songs. Shantidharma liked it, Miten liked it and is has been sung by hundreds of people on one of the big celebrations in Poona. It will always make me recall how Joshu was born.

just me and my guitar

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