Music in Zürich

Singing Buddhas happen monthly on Fridays. 10.9 - 8.10 - 12.11 - 17.12

Musikatelier Mühle Tiefenbrunnen, Seefeldstr. 229, 8008 Zürich

20.00 bis 22.30 Uhr

Next Weekend 11./12.12

Information Nutan Tel 01 271 73 08 email nutan@dplanet.ch

I will start something soon : could be a Sunday morning at my house near Lachen or in a more convenient location. Then we would have Satsang with Osho video and some live music, some brunch and as much singing as we all want.

Could be Monday near the lake near Bellevue at 19.00 for people who want to sing out before going to the disco.

Could be something else, any idea ?

Let me know at Divakar@gmx.ch

Whatever I offer will be at cost price.

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